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VIPdesk Connect: a home-based outsourcer pioneer

Where it all began….

VIPdesk Connect, founded in 1997, was built on a solid customer-centric foundation that emerged from their concierge heritage. Always innovative and flexible, VIPdesk Connect’s team was passionate about providing clients with the best people and the best brand experiences.

In 2010, VIPdesk Connect merged with International SOS, becoming the first truly integrated global concierge service and customer service delivery platform.  Shortly after this merger, it became evident that the operating needs of the customer care clients were unique compared with those of our concierge clients.

Therefore, in 2014, VIPdesk Connect was established as a standalone entity to address the unique needs of our clients and the outsourced customer service industry.  VIPdesk Connect is led by CEO Sally Hurley and the existing management team.

We are proud of our history and bring with us the infused art of service.  VIPdesk Connect was an industry trailblazer and pioneer, developing innovative product features and services in response to customer need.  We plan to continue in that same spirit.

Examples of some our “Firsts":

  • First in the traditional customer care industry to provide home-based customer care
  • First to undertake and achieve PCI compliance
  • First to offer social media support services
  • First to undertake and achieve Tier 1 PCI compliance

VIPdesk Connect is comprised of a team of passionate, brand-loyal customer care representatives we call Brand Ambassadors or “BAs”.  Our home-based BAs are dispersed across the United States, interconnected by our state-of-the-art service-delivery technology, enabling us to bring the best talent to our clients’ brands, no matter the geographic hurdles.

VIPdesk Connect sets the standard for memorable brand experiences with a suite of service offerings that includes:

  • U.S. based Outsourced Customer Service
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Chat
  • Social Media Management
  • Home-based Contact Center Consulting

Throughout our history, our primary focus has always been to provide our clients with customer loyalty solutions of exceptional quality, delivered through a network of extraordinary people, and supported by cutting-edge technology.

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We are 100% confident that your company, and most importantly, your customers will experience the VIPdesk Connect difference.

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